Research & Development

Key 4 Health Srl stands as a support to the activities of C.R.O.s (Clinical Research Organization) in the field of clinical research and development of new medicines and medical devices. 
Following these goals, Key 4 Health Srl guarantees the procurement capacity of each type of product, both branded and generic, including any variation available within the European Community, while any reformulation of the product is monitored. Each activity is performed in compliance with the European Good Distribution Practices (GDP), ensuring the presentation of all the necessary documentation (certificates of analysis, provenance, compliance) and with an organization able to manage large quantities of products distributed by lot and expiry. Finally, thanks to consolidated professional relationships and a strong presence on the international market, Key 4 Health Srl is able to find the best conditions for the purchase of products, which are transferred to customers so that the advantages of a collaboration can be appreciated also in economic terms.